For the third winter in a row, Floris van Bommel presents a small slipper collection in collaboration with Dutch slipper and espadrille brand Kingdom of Wow.
Floris: "In 2020, I ordered a pair of Kingdom of Wow slippers online. Pretty soon after that, I got in touch with the owner Godie. I was excited about her slippers, and she was excited about us, so we decided to do something together. The result is this slipper line, which is now the third edition this winter. As an expert myself, I can only warmly recommend them. They fit perfectly, they are warm (but not too warm), they fit well around the heel and the suede sole is simply divine. I saved the best advertising promise for last: even though this is already the third collection we’ve launched with Kingdom of Wow, I'm still wearing the first pair I bought back in 2020."

Dark grey slipper AFM-10005-98-06 Dark grey slipper AFM-10005-98-06
Red slipper AFM-10005-98-05 Red slipper AFM-10005-98-05
Dark blue slipper AFM-10005-98-02 Dark blue slipper AFM-10005-98-02


Anything that generates heat will be worth its weight in gold this winter. If energy prices go up any further, we will soon be paying each other in slippers and scarves. In January, a loaf of bread will cost two pairs of earmuffs! Slippers are the new Bitcoin. I'd dive right in... with my feet first, that is.

Kingdom of Wow!

The Dutch company Kingdom of Wow manufactures handmade slippers and espadrilles in an ethically responsible way.

Kingdom of Wow focuses on sustainability by running its own production facility in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Employees benefit from a safe and healthy work environment, earning a fair wage. Kingdom of Wow offers secure employment and benefits such as insurance or free lunches that go beyond the minimum legal requirements of the Cambodian labour law. Kingdom of Wow works mainly with biodegradable materials. The carbon footprint caused by production and logistics is offset by supporting Wildlife Alliance. Wildlife Alliance is committed to protecting the rainforests in southwest Cambodia.