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In this cookie policy you can read more about the use of cookies on our website. We distinguish between three different types of cookies: Functional cookies, analytical cookies and tracking cookies. Below, you will find a definition of the different cookie types and an overview of enabled cookies. When you visit our website, you can adjust your cookie preferences. You can for instance disable advertising and social media cookies. However, it is not possible to disable our functional and analytical cookies because this would affect the functionality of the online shop to such an extent that you would no longer be able to shop.

Type of cookies
1. Functional cookies

Functional cookies are necessary for using the shop functions of this website. For example, there is a cookie that makes sure you stay logged in when creating an account, and that remembers the contents of your shopping cart which allows you to see what you were intending to buy when you return to our website. These cookies are placed independent of your consent when you visit our website. Below you will find a list of all functional cookies that shows for how long these cookies are saved.

You can only remove functional cookies and/or prevent future installation of them through your browser's settings. Be aware that switching off these functional cookies will result in not being able to shop on our website anymore. You won't be able to select your size (because your preference for EU or UK sizes is remembered for a next visit) and you won't be able to add items to your shopping cart. On the website of the Consumer Protection Association you will find a clear and comprehensive article on how to clear cookies in your browser.

Duration Name
Session __cq_dnt
2 years _sp_id.52e2
1 day _sp_ses.52e2
Session cqcid
Session cquid
Session dw
Session dw_cookies_accepted
2 years dw
2 years dw_cookies_accepted
Session dw_dnt
Session dwac_cdrqYiaaiTqWQaaado6UdunbKy
6 months dwanonymous_b92add830bd3a163dee6a9f6ad47aa96
Session dwsid
5 years hide-cookiebar
Session sid
1 month __cfduid
1 month __cq_seg
2 years _ga
3 months _gcl_au
1 day _gid
1 day _hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress
1 day _hjFirstSeen
Session _hjTLDTest
1 year _hjid
1 day _uetsid
14 days _uetvid
7 days locale
Session weird_get_top_level_domain
Session _cpact
2 months _cf_bc
Session YSC
2. Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies register how our visitors use the website. We use this information to, for example, find errors on our platform. These cookies are placed irrespective of your consent when you visit our website since we don't send any personally identifiable information and therefore do not need to ask for specific permission. We have also instructed Google not to share the information. The following information is tracked:

    1. Amount of users
    2. Time spent on the website
    3. Age category, place of residence and gender of the visitors (only when logged in with a Gmail account)
    4. The device users use for their visit
    5. The order in which users view the different web pages
    6. The channel users originate from before coming to the website
You can only remove analytical cookies and/or prevent future installation of them through your browser's settings. Below you will find a list of all analytical cookies that shows you for how long these cookies are saved.

Duration Name
2 years ATN
1 year en 1 month uuid
1 year IDE
2 years test_cookie
1 month _cq_uuid
2 years hams_uid
2 years hams_fpid
3. Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are used to gather information about your search behaviour to offer you advertisements that suit your interests. We don't place these cookies before you have given your permission by continuing on our website after seeing the cookie statement. We also use these cookies to limit the amount of times specific advertisements are shown to you. Below you will find a list of all advertising cookies that shows for how long these cookies are saved.

Duration Name
1 year MUID
2 years _fbc
6 months _fbp
3 months fr
6 months NID
90 days Conversion
20 years CONSENT
390 days IDE
few seconds Test_cookie

Furthermore, users of our site can view so-called embedded videos from our official YouTube and/or Vimeo channels.

If you would like to know which cookies are placed and decide for yourself which specific cookies you would like to remove, please visit which allows you to easily switch off specific 'interest based advertising cookies'. You will still be shown advertisements but they will no longer be tailored to your search behaviour and therefore your preferences.

For any further questions please contact us at

We reserve the right to change and/or add to this cookie statement. We strive to keep this statement up-to-date, but as a result of the constant development of our website it is possible that some cookie information is not always available in this statement.

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