Available in
three colours

The sneakers are available in
three typical Space Invaders colours:
green, black and white.


Born in 1975, I was a typical 80’s kid. I was in love with ET, record holder ‘Lolo ball’ jumping and I only wrote with scented pens (I’m not sure if the last one is a typical 80’s thing, but I did!). Tom, my best friend at the time, owned an Atari game console. Space invaders was the master of all games. We played it for hours on end. With these Space invaders shoes I’ve come full circle. If only I could send them back in time to those two childhood friends. That would be an awesome 80’s adventure..

It's all in the details


Flag label

Teeny-tiny details are so much nicer than big graphics and logos. On this textile label, the ‘O’ of this Floris van Bommel logo just got hit by one of the Space Invaders cannons.

Tongue label

A vintage tongue label made of fabric showcasing a Space Invaders canon. The label is wrapped around the tongue. On the bottom side, the tongue label sports one of the alien characters from the legendary 80s game.


The sneaker has a futuristic 80s look. The model, sole and shoe last are pretty old school, but the details are all hi-tech. Along the sides, the sneaker’s suede and fabric parts are finished with futuristic heat-sealed trim lines.

Heel collar

The suede leather heel is finished with a black rubber plug that sports a white alien from the Space Invaders game.

Retro look

The sneaker comes in a beautiful retro look. The trim lines on the toe cap and the sporty, long and slender wingtip are a nod to the early days of the sneaker trend.